The “Purity” of Pure Capitalism

It is important to remember that when capitalism is expressed as “pure” it is to remind that its influence on the system which employs it is unencumbered and unrestricted; its effects (like wealth stratification and environmental degradation-for-profit) are actively realized by participating agents who engage in their own varying degrees of misbehavior. Oftentimes, the idea of capitalism that is used by economists and others is conceived of as theoretically distinct and metaphysically separated from the other aspects of economic and physical reality with which it has causal ties. This is a misleading practice as it suggests that the dynamics of capitalism can and do occur in mechanical isolation, which is not the case in a reality populated primarily by human participants. Capitalistic behaviors are interwoven among public and private human life, and are inextricably integrated into (but not limited to): social politics, geopolitics, the hard and soft sciences, environmental exploitation, culture and the arts, and especially, organized religion.

The “purest” expression of capitalism is that in which (voluntarily or otherwise) capitalism has managed to wind its tentacles into every aspect of a society, i.e. where there is money to be made through the transactional exchange of any and every (real or intangible) thing, very much as is expressed in modern-day America. Such a thing can only be capitalism-as-usual, wherein the modes and motivations of profit-maximizing capitalism generally prevail over all other systems. 

To refine capitalism-as-usual is to reorganize those amazing powers which have constructed the modern world into a healthier and more sustainable form, one less destructive and dividing of human society. A simple re-situation of the fundamental financial framework of ordinary business operations (at the Operating Agreement level) will allow companies to interact more sustainably with the greater economic apparatus, a process that can be easily facilitated by the LOPSIII model, or really any business owner who seeks to run a successful business without being greedy. Nobody needs to engage in pure capitalism for survival; alternatives are important for adaptation.  

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