Reading List (Regularly Updated)

All of the books on this page are important and have such exceedingly high intellectual and literary qualities that they merit inclusion on a list of worthwhile reading for anyone who seeks to expand their own mind. Each title has been carefully read in its entirety and considered for selection by one or more members of tkscm, limited. NO sponsorship offers, endorsements, donations, bribes, or any type of financial or economic gain are accepted for including authors or titles on this list, nor do we have personal relationships with any of the authors or publishers prior to them being represented herein. This list is not permanent.

Reading List category code (B,E,L,U,M,I, S, H) key:
B = Business
E = Economics
L = Logic/Reason
U = Uncertainty/Randomness
M = Math/Statistics/Probability
I = Investing/Asset Management
S = Science/Physics/Quantum
H = Human Behavior

Nonfiction Books by Title

[For ease of legibility, and because so many of them are so lengthy, we have removed book subtitles from the Reading List. We sincerely apologize to the authors for this cruel truncation.]